Our customer service model, which we call Yellow Flowers, is designed to address all aspects of your financial needs. After our initial meeting and onboarding, we request four yearly reviews centered around the important aspects of financial well-being so that your financial goals are met on a continuous basis.

Initial Meeting

During our initial meeting, we’ll ask you about your financial goals, aspirations, and concerns. We’ll gather information about your current financial situation and discuss the types of services that we offer. We will review this to make sure that it strategically fits for you on a year over year basis.

Portfolio Review

During this meeting, we’ll review your portfolio and assess its performance. We’ll analyze your portfolio and assess its performance relative to industry benchmarks and your financial goals. We’ll explain current strategies for portfolio design in a manner you can understand.

Risk Review

During this meeting, we’ll assess your risk and ensure that the financial plan aligns with your life goals. We’ll review your risk tolerance and ensure that the portfolio’s risk management strategies are appropriate. We’ll look beyond your finances to discuss things such as estate planning, tax strategies and any insurance needs.

Financial Plan

During this meeting, we’ll present you with a comprehensive financial plan that’s tailored to your goals and situation. This plan will include strategies for achieving your goals and projections of your financial situation over time. This plan will help guide future financial decisions and be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Life Goals

During this meeting, we’ll visit your life goals and ensure that your financial plan is still aligned with those goals. We’ll also offer our proprietary strengths, values, and interests test to help you better align your money with your life desires.