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Our Approach

Vine Wealth Management

Vine Wealth Management is an independent financial management practice dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses secure their financial future.   We utilize a comprehensive approach that is based on first understanding our clients needs and tolerance toward risk, and then creating investment strategies that solve the needs of our clients. We also leverage our relationship with partners in the areas of tax and estate planning in order to provide comprehensive strategies that accomplishes all of our client’s financial needs. 

The strategies we use have the primary goal of creating investment and retirement planning success for our clients. We recognize that the process of investing toward client goals requires an understanding that life goals occur and change over time. This is why the client discovery process is a continual part of the relationship and planning process at Vine. 

We utilize a multi-step process for understanding and ultimately investing our client’s wealth. First, we seek to understand your current situation; how do you currently find yourself; what’s important to you; where do you want to be? Next we identify the issues that may be effecting you and your family’s short and long term financial goals. Once we have this information, we get busy providing you with strategies and options for creating a better financial picture for you and your family. 

As an independent financial firm, you can rest assured that the strategies we provide are based on honest guidance. We are not bound to sales quota’s, preferred vendor agreements, or in-house products.   We have access to thousands of investments choices, and yet we know the ones that matter most are the ones that will make a difference for you, our client.